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[Please visit all the ‘Rooms’ that I have kept in this site as the ones in a gallery. It will give a little idea about my works.]

 (Manifesto of) Media Art by S. R. Jimmy is available now on Amazon

(Manifesto of) Media Art by S. R. Jimmy is available now on Amazon

I work in eclectic mediums that can broadly be defined as Conceptual Art or ‘Art Concepts’. My works include ‘painting’, installation, video art, photography, sound art, kitsch, pastiche, book or text based art etc; some undefined. I use found ‘objects’ and/or ‘bought objects’  sometimes to say or show as I experience the Time in relation to Art. End of the day I believe  every moment can be art-moments if we infer the tangible and/or even intangible objects/moments to the History of Art.

At present I am working to promote a new genre that I call Media Art. For this I have been displaying/ ‘publishing’ my works in the Art magazines like Art Review, ARTFORUM and Art Monthly since last few years. I intend to take Media Art as my main artistic focus. The details about Media Art is available in my book (Manifesto of) Media Art.

A little more about my beliefs and practice:

Sometimes I feel I find more pleasure in gathering concepts rather than making the tangible artworks. I also find it useless to make works and hoard them! Most of the time I jot down the ideas of the potential artworks.

For me Painting is more a Conceptual kind of Art than as it is thought as Painting the Traditional Art by many. I hardly use traditional brush and paint these days to do painting although I am inclined to do that in future.

I view Photography not as a photographer but as an artist. I sign on the photographs that I take and refrain from producing more than a copy. I do not use professional camera. Photos that you would see in this site are taken mainly to document my ‘Art experience’ and share those. They are neither photographs nor artworks.

I believe my works are ‘integrated artworks’. By ‘integrated’ I mean the artworks that can fit in various spaces.

When some of my artworks seem ‘trivial’ or ‘childish’ to some people I ask them to imagine those works placed in a significant Art gallery.

I believe one of the main strengths of my artworks is they often draw inferences to the History of Art. I am eager to call them ‘Reference Art’ when it happens (not pastiche).

I am very much interested in Literature and Philosophy. I am interested in Philosophy in relation to Language as well. I draw references / allusions between Literature, Philosophy and some of my works. … I am a writer. I write with the seriousness of a writer. I want to exhibit my fictions, plays, poems or essays on the walls of the galleries and want the visitors to ‘read’ them. Thus, I want to ask ‘genre’ related questions. I am against the barriers that prevail between Art and Literature or sometimes even Philosophy. The fictions or plays etc that I will exhibit in the galleries will not be published and the collectors will own the copyright.

I am aware that the most ‘successful’ artists create a certain style or sort of brand like the mass produced objects, a fashion retailer, a car company etc. My works on the other hand are eclectic. Regarding  that my ‘confession’ is: every artists have got their own personal Schemata (Psychology) and whatever they do are completely influenced by the Schemata. As a result no matter how eclectic an artist is in her/ his works s/he is bound to establish her/ his own ‘aura’. Being eclectic gives me much more freedom. Also an Artist’s works are not a brand the same way a car or cloth brands are!

I view the price as part of my works. It represents Time; it comments on the present Art and engages us on various kind of debates.

Every moment I seek for art experience. Whenever I walk on the streets and see objects, human beings etc; smell of coffee; hear a scream; feel the weather; eat or think… I create artworks. They might not necessarily be tangible. I make links between my experience and the History of Art.

I like to make ephemeral works… although I know they would not go to any galleries or sell. They are artworks by me experienced in private.

After Duchamp every object is an art-object. I am very much into this thought. The objects just need the signature of an artist. I want to sign on the every mass produced objects one can think of and make them my own works.

I like my audiences to be artists by doing certain things. Well… they actually do those everyday. I just want to make them aware that they are artists themselves.






What do I mean by Media Media Art?

I mean artworks that are ‘displayed’ in Media i.e. in Art magazines, newspapers or TV and w(sh)ould not be identified as adverts for their special artistic features. So far, I have displayed (published) works in Art Review and Art Monthly but intend to use other renowned art magazines, national newspapers and TV channels. For me Media is a huge unexplored space of modern time that can be used as ‘galleries’ or public space. Media Graffiti substitutes Public Art too as people frequently visit it. Unlike Art/Media project this is not a project and is different in its nature and aim.


My Media artworks may include texts, images or audio-video etc. My works may often be found as ‘incomplete artworks’ as they are ‘not-yet-made’ or would never be made unless I or any other ‘audiences’ take actions. If they are not ‘made’, the texts or images etc should be considered as completed artworks. After Duchamp every object is an artwork. And I believe an artist can call every moment or thought an artwork… it does not need to be tangible or ‘made’ rather can also be left in the imagination.


Following my eclectic styles, my Media Graffiti works can be of any sort that are able to capture our Time and History of Art. I am interested to introduce a term that I call ‘Reference Art’ (not pastiche). By this I mean those of my works that draw inferences from the History of Art, Literature, Music and Philosophy. I am also inclined to call my works integrated artworks. By this I mean artworks that fit in various genres, mediums, times and spaces.


A few Media artworks that I have displayed (published) are:

An artwork called text the artist on 07414957277

An artwork called Panic (Lift flap and pull lever on a Monday morning)

An artwork plan called Money. It ‘said’: imagine 5 million dollars kept on the floor of a gallery given the shape of an eye

Another was a doodle-like work in form along with texts ‘S. R. Jimmy is here’ crossing over ‘Kilroy was here’ that referred to the history of Graffiti.

The Thinker(s) ‘exhibited’ texts: Mobile phone and wifi jammers will be used

at any suitable public place(s)

there will be chairs to sit on

 Eve and Adam: A very attractive woman (19-22) and man (24-28) hand in hand will walk naked in the National Galley, London or on any busy streets of any city.


















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