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  1. An ongoing artwork or artwork:

Text the artist

(Inspired by Michelangelo’s work The Creation of Adam in Sistine Chapel and the motto ‘connecting people’ used by Nokia Mobile)

The artwork ‘happens’ when someone does text the artist on 07414957277.


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[The image had been displayed (published) in an issue of the Art Review in 2016 as a ‘Media Graffiti’ as I call it. ‘Media Graffiti’ is also an ongoing project of mine. I have plan to go for other major art magazines, newspapers and  TV channels. In most cases the ‘Media Graffiti’ works are ‘integrated’ artworks. ]

2. Art Window

I have started a ‘project’ that I call  Art Window at my residence (Forest Gate, London area). For this project I have turned my front bay window into a kind of Art gallery to display my artworks. The objective is to encourage the residents in this area to become Art-conscious   through my artworks. And if other artists in this area become interested it can become a feature of the area.

3. (Manifesto of) Media Art by S. R. Jimmy is available now in most of the countries through Amazon.

(Manifesto of) Media Art

(Manifesto of) Media Art