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Exhibitions (etc.)


Exhibitions etc

I did have a few exhibitions held in London and other cities in Europe although it probably would not reflect totally of what I want to ‘say’.  I want to focus on (what I have named) the Media Art. I have been working on it since last few years. My Media artworks have been displayed (published) in a few issues of  the ArtforumArt Review and Art Monthly magazines. I consider them as my major art ‘exhibitions’. Since my practice involves everyday moments; my exhibitions take place anywhere; informally and without letting the ‘audiences’ know that they are experiencing any art exhibitions. Sometime the exhibitions take place within me and I am the only visitor of the show! I.e. When I see people sitting or standing on an underground train (see The Actors in Room 1 of the site).

(Solo and group Exhibitions and others)

June  2022,  Someone walked past here: A found intervention, exhibited /published/displayed in Artforum

May 2022, Acton Open, W3 Gallery, London

March  2022,  The three-legged pillow bug, exhibited/published/displayed in Artforum

December 2021,  Look at the dot for 5 minutes, exhibited/published/displayed in Artforum
June- July 2021, The playful turn, Espacio Gallery, London

December 2020, The Ten Commandments, exhibited/published/displayed in Artforum

September 2020, Transitions, Espacio Gallery, London

July 2020, Money, exhibited/published/displayed in Artforum

March 2020, The Shrine, exhibited/published/displayed in Artforum

September 2019, The grit in your shoe, exhibited/published/displayed in Art Review

August 2019, Urban Spaces, Espacio Gallery, London

June 2019, Perspectives, Espacio gallery, London

June 2019, Art at the Gate, The Gate, London

June 2019, Conceptual Beckton (Solo exhibition), Beckton Globe, London

April 2019, Some kind of animal, exhibited/published/displayed in Art Review

February 2019, Boundaries and Beyond, Espacio Gallary, London

October 2018, People Rushing towards Jubilee Line, Stratford exhibited/ published/ displayed in Art Review

August 2018, Exhibited 10 works outside Tate Modern, London

July 2018, Exhibited 10 works on Brick Lane, London

June 2018, Beyond the Images, Espacio Gallery, London

May 2018, Perspective, Espacio Gallery, London

August 2017, (Solo) Untitled (Sound of Tibetan temple bells; a small sound box was hung on a tree for the whole day); The NW Ferry Festival, Royal Victoria Gardens, London

July 2017, (Solo) Untitled (Sticks coloured in white), Ham Park, London

April 2017, (Solo) Untitled (Sound of water), Ham park, London

March 2017, The End is by Yur, Elysium Gallery, Swansea

August 2016, Surreal Art Group Exhibition, Gallery 504, London

May 2016, Beyond the Image, Espacio Gallery, London

September 2015, Disruptive, Iklectic Gallery, London

April 2015, Art Hits the Street, W3 Gallery, London

April and July 2015, Coffee Art Project, organised by Alegra Group, London and Amsterdam

February- March 2015; Inspiring Changes, W3 Gallery, London

January- February 2015; Anti Gallery Gallery Show, Espacio Gallery, London

August 2014; Flesh, Espacio Gallery, London

2011; Group show, University of Lancaster


Other: ‘Media Graffiti’  was published in Metro and Evening Standard , UK in 2015

Several Media Artworks were published in the renowned art magazines Art Review and Art Monthly in February, March and June 2016 and few other issues.


(Manifesto of) Media Art, 2019

Artbook Every moment is an art-moment has been published by Amazon, UK in 2015.

European Time (Collection of poems)

The illusion of creating a text (Literary theory)

Conversation between Vladimir and Estragon; a book of ‘conceptual poetry’; 2016.